Melissa Tiers is an exceptional hypnotist. She lives and breathes this stuff. She is the real deal.

I was first introduced to Melissa when I took her self-hypnosis class with her at the New York Open Center here in Manhattan.  I was so enthralled with the class (and with Melissa!), and so inspired, that I signed up for her full in depth training course (in Integrative Hypnosis) right away.  Having recently completed that training, as well as her integrative life coaching training, I can say with total confidence having spent quite a bit of time with Melissa Tiers - when you in Melissa's presence you experience what it is to be the presence of a true healer.  The strength of her convictions about the power of the mind, and the seemingly boundless potential of hypnosis to create change in our lives is so strong and so contagious, you feel yourself 'catching' it!  When you are in Melissa's presence, you FEEL the power of hypnosis... you know it is real.... as is she.

If you are interested in hypnosis to improve your own life, to alleviate pain and suffering of any sort, to become more of who you really are, to overcome obstacles in your life, to move closer towards your goals... and/or if you are interested in hypnosis to help others - you must have at least one meeting with Melissa Tiers.  After that, I am quite sure you will want to meet her over and over again.... she is that kind of person, that kind of practitioner.  Melissa is one of the most well-read people I have encountered (and I've met a lot of people!) and the breadth and depth of her knowledge in this field is mind-boggling.  She is a true 'integrative' healer... bringing together various practices and processes that she has learned over the years, distilling them, and teaching them in a simple and clear manner.  She's got a gift, this Melissa Tiers.  Oh, and to top it off - she is hilarious!!!  You will laugh until your belly aches... all the while learning so much.
I highly recommend experiencing Melissa Tiers through whatever avenue you can - taking her classes, having private sessions, reading her book (Integrative Hypnosis), buying her DVD.  Change your mind and you'll change your life.  It's powerful work!  And Melissa Tiers is a powerful catalyst to help  you along the way to making powerful, lasting, and meaningful changes in your life.  

Mona Chopra, M.A., M.S.
Licensed Acupuncturist
NCCAOM Board Certified
Therapeutic Yoga Instructor
917 . 834 . 2124
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