Anti-anxiety toolkit: Rapid techniques to rewire the brain
Anti-anxiety toolkit: Rapid techniques to rewire the brain
This little book will teach you the most powerful and rapid ways to reduce excessive fear, worry and anxiety. Utilizing the latest research in neuroscience and mind/body medicine, you learn how to rewire your brain and change habituated patterns as you empower yourself with the most cutting edge and easy to apply processes available. Integrating techniques from the fields of clinical hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive, Behavioral and Energy Psychology, this book is comprehensive and life changing. 
Now available in Spanish, German and Korean!
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Just some of the praise for the book...
Wow, wow, wow!!!
As a physician and mind-body healing expert, I am always looking for ways to help patients deal with their anxiety. The bottom line is that when people are feeling anxious, this filters their perception of everything that happens to them in their life, and makes it all seem bad and overwhelming. Unlike conventional talk therapies, which deal with content (i.e. this event happened to me and is why I feel bad), the techniques in Melissa's book deal with process and structure. This means that instead of spending endless time trying to figure out WHY you are anxious, you can change HOW your brain and nervous system create anxiety. This book contains extremely powerful yet simple tools to do just this, and they are explained in an easy to read, easy to understand way. This has my absolute highest recommendation, and should be on the top shelf for all healthcare professionals, therapists, parents, life coaches, clergy, and pretty much every one else who owns a book shelf. -- Eric B. Robins, M.D.
I am a psychiatrist, and I keep a stack of copies of The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit on my office desk to hand out, it is that useful. Well, I TRY to keep a stack there. They disappear very quickly. As do my copies at home, given to, well, every family member and friends too. It's written like the best poetry, concise, alive on the page, draws you right in and gets you doing her techniques. And her techniques work. They make me into a more effective therapist because I can help people immediately AND give them skills to take and use anywhere, anytime. I use them myself, and I can now lecture, teach, and testify in court with more ease and authority. The best money you will ever spend. - Dr. Joanne A.
Xanax in book form... This book is incredible and teaches insanely simple yet effective tools for you to frame things that freak you out in totally different ways. My shrink recommended it and I read it all the time. - Melanie Sharkey

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