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What's New and Exciting from The Center!

Hey everyone!

I hope you're well, thawing out, and still smiling. For those of you in Florida,who don't need any thawing, I'll be doing a one day "Coaching the Unconscious Mind" immersion in South Beach, Miami on Feb.13th. Email me if you want to come and play!

There's still some time to jump in on my one day "Integrative Hypnosis: rapid techniques to rewire the brain" that I'm doing at the NY Open Center this Saturday, Jan. 30th. If you know anyone that wants to change something, pass this along.

There is two weeks left to get the early bird discount ($875.)for John Overdurf's March 3-6 workshop. This is going to be an amazing four daze of mind blowing learning. Here's a reminder of just a bit of what you'll learn....

Reality construction and de-construction in Life and Coaching.
How can you work below the level of language to take people beyond language and it’s limitations?
Precise therapeutic use of expanded awareness and perception for common fight and flight reactions.
How to lay new tracks from neurological dead ends to infinite possibilities.
Harnessing the mysterious power of “not”
How to easily construct inductive and/or non-linear language patterns.
Beyond Words 2.0: a practical template for conversational change
Unique double induction processes to blow-out limitations as well as help you polish your hypnotic delivery.
Quantum Coherence Training - a profound way to exercise the “no self” circuitry in your brain to be able to de-identify with limiting beliefs, states and other nominalizations.

Wow. That description is a trance induction in its own right....

I'll also be teaching in California at the ACHE conference April 1-3 as well as doing a fully loaded two day class for HPTI directly after the conference. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you details.

I've also put together a kick ass "Deep Trance Immersion" weekend for April 16/17 that I'm excited about. It was a request from my last coaching class from hypnotists who wanted to play in more "formal" states of hypnosis. After giving it some thought, I decided to gather up all my new inductions and deep trance processes and add some of the more experimental interventions I've been playing with. The result is gonna be fun and will be a great refresher for anyone wanting to dive deep. $375. for the whole weekend. Let me know who's in!

So... That's a bit of what's coming up. iLl ,eave you with a very New York meditation I got from the New Yorker today. Good for a giggle :)

take air,


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