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Two weeks to go!

Hey everyone!

I have another Integrative Hypnosis certification course coming up in two weeks. So if you've been wanting to dive deeper into hypnosis or refresh your skill set, come and play! June 4-11th 1:00-7:00

The course is an eight day intensive that brings together all different modalities that engage unconscious patterns. You will learn how to utilize the clients internal systems to break habituated patterns of thought, feeling and behavior and how to promote neuroplasticity to change the brain. I share my form of dynamic trance work that integrates the latest in practical neuroscience, embodied cognition and priming the unconscious mind. From deep trance phenomenon to conversational hypnosis, this class covers it all.


Check out this page for details and to register

I had a fun conversation with Jason Linett about all things hypnosis wise. Click here if you want to listen.

I'll be teaching workshops all over this year so if you can't get to NYC you can train with me in one of these places....

I'll be doing a pre-conference workshop at the NGH conference this August 10/11th. It's going to be an amazing immersion in Integrative Hypnosis and Practical Neuroscience. Click here for details

I'll be teaching a two day pre-conference workshop at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas on Rewiring Addictions and a post-conference workshop with Kelley Woods on hypnosis with kids and teens.

I'll be teaching a few workshops and a post-conference course in London and Berlin the next week!

And I've agreed to teach in Dubai in March so stay tuned for details.

Be well and take air!



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