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Need a head count for John Overdurf

Hey Everyone,

I hope you're enjoying the rest of the summer :)  

There's only three days left to sign up for John's workshop at the early bird rate of $675. so let me know if you've decided to come and play.

As most of you know, John is my favorite teacher and the most skilled and elegant change worker I have ever known. I bring him here so my students ( and I, of course) can learn from him in an affordable way.

Here's a reminder of what the four day workshop is about.....

StateBound for Change: Transforming Decisions September 19- 21, 2014 NYC

Ever feel conflicted when youʼre making decisions in your life?. Ever put things off longer than you want or think you should?

How about when you decide on going for a goal feel motivated, as time goes on not so much...

Think about it: every moment you are making decisions. Decisions underly everything we do and most of the time they are unconscious - from goal setting, to eating, exercising, making and spending money, to choosing relationships, to getting rid of unwanted habits to developing new productive habits.

How can you streamline decision-making to make more effective decisions? How can you help others to make better decisions?

This three day workshop combines stunning new research findings grounded in Johnʼs 34 years of experience working with individuals, groups and organizations. It will give you a fresh perspective on the role of states, values, attention and time in decision- making. Because decisions are at the base of everything we do, this approach will provide you set of tools which have tremendous scope and application for living your life as well as helping others.

Much of this work comes directly with Johnʼs leadership work in corporate settings as well as his extensive coaching and therapy experience. As he says,

“The real acid test of any type of change work, is whether it flies well in a business context.”

In a therapy setting we have so much more liberty to do obvious techniques, in fact in many cases, itʼs expected. How can your create powerful conversational change in whatever setting you happen to be?

Possible topics covered:

•Latest research on re-wiring your brain to make more effective decisions.

•Beyond Goals 2.0 Why goals donʼt work and what does.

•Conversationally Coaching the Unconscious Mind for a Change - The HNLP Coaching Model.

•Re-consolidating Introjects - how to resolve long-standing internal conflicts.

So, go ahead, and consider:

What are two simple changes you can make that will have a massive effective on your life? ( No Iʼm not kidding-- this is based on solid research)

How can you overcome procrastination and help others do the same?

How can you coach others - and yourself - to streamline decision-making? (This is a great model if you want to do work in a corporate environment)

How can you create more effortlessness in your life and get things done? How can you experience more serendipity in life?

If any of this interests you I invite you to join John for a fun, stimulating and transformative three days

Prerequisites: - NLP Practitioner Training or training equivalent.
- Familiarity with the Johnʼs HNLP Coaching Model (suggested). - An open mind.

Email me if you want to join us.

and just for a giggle, click here...

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