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John Overdurf in NYC-Feb. 10-12!

 Hey everyone! There are still some seats left for John's February workshop. As many of you know, he is my all time favorite teacher and friend with one of the best minds in the field. If you haven't had a chance to train with him, you might want to change that this February. And if you have had the pleasure, well, I don't need to tell you how much fun you'll have 😄

Here's some of what he'll be doing this time........

Transforming Values, Beyond Goals
Aligning Your Unconscious Blueprint for Living Your Life
with John Overdurf

This three day workshop is a synthesis Hypnotic Coaching, values work from an NLP perspective, Vedanta, neuroscience, John’s model of the 7 brains (no it’s not the chakras) and his Beyond Goals model. It will provide you with a very “user-friendly,” benign way to do deep work, whether it’s in a therapy, coaching or corporate context.

Values answer the question, “What is important to you?” One way to think about values is they are our unconscious mind’s blueprint for living our lives when we are on automatic pilot - which is most of the time!

How do we know how to use our time, energy, and resources from moment to moment? Our values.

Ever feel torn in “either or” decisions?
Want to streamline your decision-making?

Ever feel like your life has more stress in it that you want?
Want to feel more “in the flow” of your Life?

Ever have challenges with staying motivated and getting things done?
Want to BE more, do less and get more done?

Values are the basis of long term motivation and also how we evaluate ourselves, so they get to the heart of our “why” in Life and of these issues. When they are not optimally aligned it shows up as undue stress, difficulty making decisions, and procrastination, among other things.

We’ll start with a new model to help you understand how all of your brains - yes, all 7, work and how you can use this model to make rapid shifts in your emotions and states of being.

We’ll then apply one of John’s favorite models for understanding change and transformation from Vendata, the Three Gunas, or Universal Energies, and apply it to his Beyond Goals Model.

These will serve as the backdrop for a clear, step-by-step process process for eliciting values and innovative ways for checking for and creating alignment in your unconscious blueprint for living your life.

In fact you’ll have the opportunity to pick one area of your life and apply the skills you’ll be learning to optimize that area of your life.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll be learning:

What are the three universal energies and how they relate to Values?
How to use the three universal energies to understand your own evolution and potential issues?
Using End State Energy shift Values.
Precise values elicitation
What is the one BIG mistake many practitioners make when eliciting values?
How to check for values alignment and coherence
How to know where to intervene in the hierarchy
How to intervene to shift values into alignment
and even more than that!

Interested? Then join us for what will be a fun and enlightening foray into Transforming Values… Beyond Goals.

Prerequisites : NLP Practitioner or approved equivalent
An open mind

John Overdurf-Feb 10-12 price $675 if paid before Jan.1st and $725. after that.

To register and pay for any of these, use the PayPal link and punch in the price

Some other dates to put in your calendar are..

April 22-29 for another Integrative Hypnosis Intensive

June 3/4 for James Tripp's Hypnotic Skills Bootcamp


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