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Coaching the Unconscious Mind videos are up!

Happy summer everyone! 

I'm happy to announce that my online web site now has two new courses you might be interested in. The "Coaching the Unconscious Mind" course is four days worth of training, broken down into short video chapters for easy learning and integration. Here's the description from the site, 


Coaching the unconscious mind combines rapid change techniques from all different fields and brings them together for a comprehensive and transformational system of change work. Traditional life coaching programs focus all the work on the very limited conscious mind. This is the only program that teaches you to access the adaptive unconscious, where the habituated patterns and limiting beliefs and behaviors come from.

Participants will learn a synthesis of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral and Energy Psychology as well as processes developed by utilizing the latest research in Neuroscience and Mind/Body medicine. Integrative coaching allows you to make changes to your clients internal strategies for generative and congruent life changes.
The course is broken into easy to learn and integrate video chapters making up four full days of training. From learning how to utilize non verbal communication and body language to teaching clients how to rewire habituated patterns in the brain, this course covers it all. You will walk away with a full understanding of how to use the meta pattern of change to set up multi-level communication, as well as many rapid techniques for changing emotional states.
The course is designed so that once you purchase and set up your username and password, you can watch and re watch from any device, anywhere.

click here for more info,

I've also put up five separate videos from my teaching demos and plan to continue adding to these each month. They were filmed during my "teaching demo day" and were full of surprises for all of us. Each one shows me doing a piece of change work while explaining what I'm doing and why. The feedback on these has been wonderful so far and I'm interested to hear what you think.

Please note that for those of you who have purchased the "Keeping the Brain in Mind" book, the first demo (volume 1)is up on the book site for free. 

Because of my crazy summer schedule, practice nights are July 16th and August 6th. 6:00-9:00

Hey, I'm looking for a ride to the NGH conference. Anyone driving? Email me if you are.

Stay cool everyone! And keep smiling :)



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