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Deep Trance Immersion -July 21/22

Happy summer!

I've added another Deep Trance play shop for this month. I've been dabbling in transcendent states of mind and want to have some fresh minds to explore :)

This weekend will be all about deep trance and extraordinary altered states. It is for students who already have a working knowledge of hypnosis and want to deepen or refresh their skills. We will be practicing comfort states for pain management and resetting habituated programs. We will play in expanded states for insight, unconscious communication and healing. Playing with interventions based on recent research in Epigenetics and neurogenesis will allow you to explore the outer limits of mind. We will also play with different ways of time traveling for change and inspiration.

Come learn some new creative inductions to add to your practice.

$375. for the whole weekend. Classes from 1:00-6:00


I've also solidified the dates for both the Integrative Hypnosis intensive (Oct. 13-20)and the Coaching the Unconscious Mind course (Sept. 20-23)here at the Center.

I'm also doing a fun experiential evening at the NY Open Center called "The Athiest's Guide to Past Life Regression" Oct. 5

As for fun and head games outside of NYC....

I'm off to Scotland this week for a master class in Coaching the Unconscious Mind and have just agreed to do another in Copenhagen on November 10/11 which is the weekend after the fantastic UK conference. If you're in the hood, come and play!

August is big conference month! So I'll be doing a pre conference at NGH and a three day post conference at Hypnothoughts Live in Vegas. I'll be unveiling "Integrative Hypnosis 2.0"

Some good books I've read this month are Michael Pollan's "How to change your mind" and Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal's "Stealing fire" I also really liked John Bargh's "Before you know it"

fun stuff!

take air,


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