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Overdurf in NYC! Feb.9-11th

Happy New Year! Well, almost anyway. 

I know it’s been a while since my last newsletter but hey, life’s been busy ????

If you’ve taken my certification trainings and don’t live in the city, there’s now a virtual way for you to join our supervision/practice nights by using zoom. Check the home page of my site for the link. Next one is on the 3rd at 6:00.

My friend John is coming to the center again and there’s still seats left. The early bird price is still on until the 15th soooo, if ya wanna come and play with us, you can register below. I’m excited to see what his mind has been up to this year and have heard rave reviews about this new model.

It’s gonna be a great year!

take air,


Shape-shifting Perception within the Rhizome- February 9-11 at CIH 1:00-7:00

In this three day workshop you will learn a powerful set of principles and dynamic, flexible techniques to take your practice - and your Life - to the next level. You will learn absolutely cutting-edge information and processes which will change how you perceive reality in a practical, grounded, yet expansive way. You’ll also learn some brand new change techniques which can be used for a variety of coaching/therapy issues, including trauma and long-standing patterns.

So what is a Rhizome?
The term comes from botany. A rhizome is a form of plant life which has a horizontal underground stem which has no tap root or source, like ginger, mint, mushrooms and grasses. It’s growth is lateral and it spreads in a way that it fills any gaps. It is characterized by geometric connectivity and multiplicity of shoots, roots and nodes. Even when a piece is broken-off from a rhizome it can grow on it’s own, re-attach to a different part of the system or bond with other plants to create hybrid vigor.

OK, enough Botany, John...What is Rhizomatic Thinking and Perception?
In the late 70’s Gilles DeLeuze, a philosopher with a background of Jungian psychology, and Felix Guattari, a psychoanalyst, developed a philosophical system based on the metaphor of the Rhizome: acentered, non-linear, multiplicity.
Deleuze and Guattari used the rhizome as a alternative way to perceive process and map reality. It is used to describe and predict the evolution of culture, societies, philosophies, art, media, even counter terrorism, and the development the internet!

John has taken this powerful way of understanding reality and has applied it to personal evolution, problem solving, coaching, and therapy.

How is it useful in Coaching and Therapy?

It provides many pointers for where to look for solutions in problem-solving that most people miss. It challenges vertical thinking and categorization and other potential errors in conventional left brain thinking.
It provides a useful metaphor conceptualizing what’s happening in the brain (especially in the sub-dominant hemisphere) to more effectively prime and engage the brain for change and transformation.
The processes John has developed from applying rhizomatic thinking and perception to coaching and therapy allow for direct access to the unconscious mind, so you can reap the same benefits of traditional hypnosis without inductions or scripts.

Additionally, the goal of this workshop is not just learning some amazingly, effective techniques for helping others, but to actually help you process reality, and live in this world, in a more expansive, flexible, creative and effective way.

A sampling of topics you’ll learn, includes:
Optimal Coaching State - What is the optimal state for coaching and therapy and other performance activities and how can you cultivate it?

The Five Principles of Rhizomatic Inquiry- What are they and how can you use them to be an even more effective coach and hypnotherapist...and live a more grounded, creative and expansive Life?

Stress and Fear-Busting Processes - What are most effective brain-based leverage points to transform stress and fear and create optimal functioning? These are easy-to- use processes which short-circuit fear-based responses.

Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching - How can you use hypnotic principles and the meta pattern of all NLP patterns in a more conversational up-time delivery to create the same effects as formal hypnotic induction?
The Synesthesia Splitter 2.0 - How can you help others disconnect from unwanted feelings from all types of triggers? This can be used for most coaching and therapy issues. Easy to learn and use.

The Shape-Shifter - Perhaps John’s best change technique developed so far. It can be used with a wide variety of presenting issues and including ones with heavy emotion, trauma and long standing patterns. It is easy to learn the basic process, has lots of flexible options and produces very generative change.

Interested? Then join us for what will be a fun and enlightening foray into...Shape-shifting Perception... within the Rhizome

Prerequisites : NLP Practitioner or approved equivalent
An open mind
$675. early bird until Jan.15th and $750. after that.
class is at 135 west 29th st. suite 604
1:00-7:00 Overdurfian time.

Use this link and put in $675. (Or $750. after Jan.15th)



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