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Last call for Coaching the Unconscious Mind -June 22-25

Happy summer! Hope you're well and staying cool! ???? 

There are still seats left in my Integrated Life Coaching certification course. This training blends conversational hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistics, embodied cognition and practical neuroscience to create a dynamic multi-level approach to change work.

Most coaching courses focus on the rational, analytical and very limited conscious mind. But most people know, consciously, what they "should" be doing. From the recent studies on the adaptive unconscious we know that most issues are habituated patterns that have their roots in priming, cognitive biases and conditioning. This program teaches you how to access and change these programs to rewire the brain.

Click here for details -

There are still seats left for Dan Ryan's July 15/16 workshop "Regression Reimagined: Transforming the Brain through Metaphor and Memory" which promises to be an amazing experience! Click here for more details

I have a one day Open Center class July 22 that's open to all. It's good for anyone wanting to learn how to use Integrative Hypnosis on themselves to change habituated patterns and rewire their brain.

I'm participating in the transformational worldwide summit this year with a bunch of amazing presenters. It's free, so sign up and save your spot!


NGH Conference in Boston! I'll be doing a two day pre-conference on Integrative Hypnosis Aug.9-13

Hypnothoughts Live in Vegas! I'm doing a two day pre conference on my addictions protocol and a post on Coaching the Unconscious Mind Aug.24-28

take air!



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