HYPNO-PSYCHEDELIC SUNDAY! Sept. 13 1:00-4:00 EST cost $125.00

Lets take this Sunday to play in the church of the mind! I'll be sharing some of my most trippy techniques designed to reach extraordinary states of consciousness. Who wants to come and play?



Integrative Hypnosis 8 Day Intensive October 3-10th. The first four days is the coaching the unconscious mind course with the second half deep trance play. Go to hypnosis page for details and to register s.https://www.melissatiers.com/?section=4

Coaching the Unconscious Mind- October 3-6, 2020

Due to Covid 19 this training will be held over zoom 1:00-5:00 EST (students will also get videos to support the course)

This certification course will prepare you to enter one of the fastest growing fields in personal development. You will learn dynamic and conversational ways of influencing and guiding the unconscious mind for multi-level change work. The course is a blend of conversational hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistics, and processes created from the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and embodied cognition.

Most coaching courses focus on the rational, analytical and very limited conscious mind. But most people know, consciously, what they "should" be doing. From the recent studies on the adaptive unconscious we know that most issues are habituated patterns that have their roots in priming,cognitive biases and conditioning. This program teaches you how to access and change these programs to rewire the brain.

Some of what you will learn:

Memory reconsolidation and how to rewrite old programs.
Priming the unconscious mind through language and environment.
The Meta Pattern of change for neutralizing triggers.
Re-imprinting for conversational regression.
Self-directed neuroplasticity to teach your clients to rewire their brain.
Rapid techniques to change emotions and eliminate cravings and compulsions.
Anti-procrastination protocol for motivation and long term goals.
Creative inductions for deep trance conversations.
Conscious/ unconscious dissociation for problem solving.
Spatial and temporal language for shifting internal representations.
Coaching Through Time: a recursive protocol for generative change.

This course offers certification as an Integrative Life Coach through The International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

This course provides ongoing support through bi weekly practice/supervision nights live and virtually.

Students must show proficiency of techniques in order to be certified. 

Cost $975.00 http://www.paypal.me/melissatiers/975


This workshop will teach you how to be far more strategic in rewiring habituated patterns and making change at the synaptic level. Go beyond "neurons that fire together wire together" and into breaking down boundary conditions in the brain, building neural flexibility and into the art of therapeutic memory reconsolidation. In a time zone easier for my Aussie and New Zealand friends :)




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