Melissa Tiers is the founder of The Center For Integrative Hypnosis with a private hypnosis practice in New York City. She teaches classes in Integrative Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and mental health coaching. Melissa is an instructor for the NGH and The International Association of Councelors and Therapists and an adjunct faculty member of The New York Open Center and Tri-State College of Acupuncture.

Melissa is a three time recipient of the International Medical and Dental Association's prestigious Pen and Quill Award for her books "Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change", "Keeping the Brain in Mind: Practical Neuroscience for Coaches, Therapists and Hypnosis Practitioners" and " Integrative Hypnosis for kids and teens: Playing for Change" Melissa was recently featured in Marie Claire magazine Here and her sleep protocol was featured in More Magazine. Here  She has also been awarded the NGH's  2014 President's Award, for excellence in the field and the 2014 Speaker and Author of the year from the Zurich Hypnose Kongress.

Melissa was the 2018 Keynote speaker for the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association conference, the U.K. Hypnosis Conference and HypnoBiz New York. She will be the 2020 Keynote at the FHHD conference in Denmark.

Upcoming Events and What's new!

Practice/supervision nights for students-  Jan. 8,22, Feb. 5,19, March 4 April 1,15 May 6,20 June 3,17 6:00-8:00 NYC time. You can join virtually  from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

 My chronic pain protocol is now available! If you work with anyone who needs pain relief this is the class for you.

I've rescheduled my Australia trip so have decided to do an Advanced Super Vision weekend at my center April 25/26. This weekend is for people already familiar with my work who want to deepen their skills. We focus on the more non verbal layers of the Changework in ways that allow me to make subtle adjustments (think the yoga instructor who's on the mat with you making minor corrections that shift the whole pose). The class goes from 1:00-6:00 and the cost is $475.Https://


I've also added an April webinar series on "The Fundamentals of Coaching the Unconscious Mind" which is a crash course in my model of integrative Changework. This is an interactive course where you will learn the basics that will allow you to take one of my master classes like the one in Vegas at HTLIVE or even an Advanced Super Vision workshop like the one April 25/26. This will run every Tuesday evening in April from 8:00-9:30 EST cost $95. for all four classes! (4/7, 4/14,4/21,4/28)


Integrative Addictions Solutions Practitioners List! Find help near you  


To pay for Skype/FaceTime sessions, use 

There's a lot of upcoming events! 

Feb 28-March 1 San Diego

April 25/26- Advanced Super Vision NYC

May 15-17 in Washington DC

 May 29-31 Kripalu

June 13-20 Integrative Hypnosis NYC

July Coaching course Open Center

August 11-20 Hypnothoughts Live!


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New Online Training Site!!

You have a few great courses to choose from. For practitioners who want to learn how to "Coach the Unconscious Mind" there is a four full day training that's broken down into small video chapters for easy learning and integration. If you want to see this change work in action you can choose from any of the coaching demos, with more to be added monthly.

My full Integrative Hypnosis course is now available online! It's an eight day intensive that covers my whole updated program.  check it out here! 

Integrative Addictions Solutions has just been added to the site! 

For anyone suffering from anxiety, the entire "Anti-Anxiety Toolkit" is also available in the same easy to navigate format.

WBAI interview part 1
WBAI Interview with Melissa Tiers
What the experts are saying.....

"I'm a psychiatrist with over 40 years experience and this class was the best investment in time and money I have ever made for both personal growth and professional development. This was truly a mind expanding experience!"

Larry Drell, M.D.

"Melissa's hypnosis and life coaching courses were life changing! She's the best."
Sueanne Campbell, Cht.

"She is a remarkable teacher, practitioner and scholar."
Celine Kraus, Phd.

"As a Columbia-trained Psychiatrist, I thought I knew a thing or two about therapy. Her influence has transformed the way I practice psychiatry"
Anthony J. Tranguch, M.D., Phd.

"Melissa's training changed my life. Literally."
Shawn Carson, NLP trainer

"When you are in Melissa's presence you FEEL the power of hypnosis."
Mona Chopra, M.A, M.C.
Licensed Acupuncturist

Read full testimonials here

 New Online Video Courses!!

Melissa specializes in anti-anxiety and stress management techniques that she teaches the clients to do themselves. Utilizing the latest research in neuroscience and mind/body medicine, she shows you how to use your mind to rewire your brain and change habituated unconscious patterns more easily than you imagined possible.

Every client learns a rapid form of self-hypnosis to reinforce and continue making changes on their own. This empowering cooperative method of hypnotherapy provides the client with all the tools necessary for lasting change with the minimum amount of office visits.


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