I'm a psychiatrist with over 40 years experience and this class was the best investment in time and money I have ever made for both personal growth and professional development. This was truly a mind expanding experience!"

Larry Drell, M.D.



"As a Columbia trained psychiatrist I thought I knew a thing or two about therapy. Her influence has transformed the way I practice psychiatry"
Anthony J. Tranguch, M.D., Phd.


Integrative Hypnosis is a comprehensive course that pulls from the most current research in neuroscience, embodied cognition and priming making this a hypnosis training that reflects the 21st century. This is a clinical course for mental health workers and doctors looking to bring deep changes and relief to their patients and integrate these skills into your already existing practice.

You will learn how to use trance to instigate neuroplasticity to change habituated patterns and access deep altered states for transformation. You will learn the latest advances in trauma informed approaches and how to do multi level communication between the conscious and unconscious aspects of mind. You will learn the art of therapeutic memory reconsolidation to help your patients change deep emotional learnings supported by the latest research in neuroscience.

Teaching affect regulation tools to calm the nervous system is one of the hallmarks of good therapeutic outcomes and this course covers many ways to empower your patients to change their own emotional states and the habits informed by them. You will learn the art of non verbal communication to hear the underlying beliefs and narratives at play as well using your own nervous system regulation to support theirs. Learning how to use conversational hypnosis to have a greater impact in every interaction is a therapeutic game changer. You'll be able to use spatial and temporal language to move discomfort and limitations into the past and bring resources into the present to fortify the future.

Hypnosis for physical and emotional pain is the fastest way to get relief from all kinds of chronic health conditions. You'll learn how to teach rapid stress management to mitigate the effects stress plays in almost every health issue. You will also learn different forms of self hypnosis that can help support your patients in between sessions. Between self hypnosis, affect regulation tools and self directed neuroplasticity you will learn to arm your patients with tools for life.


This intensive is geared towards mental health practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists that already have a clinical practice. If you are just transitioning into this mind field or are not a clinician, you will be better served to take the coaching course that helps you to build a practice over the course of three months. BFCC COACHING COURSE








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