The therapist’s therapist. The coach’s coach. The best of the best.

That is how I describe Melissa Tiers. I am a psychiatrist with 40 years experience treating individuals and couples. I always thought I did a good job and I still think I did really good work. BUT one workshop with Melissa and my knowledge, understanding and awareness of what I was actually doing and how I could do it even better and more effectively was transformative. I follow the latest advances in neuroscience and mind body medicine. I have heard very scholarly people discuss the latest information but she is incredibly gifted at explaining these complex facts in a way that makes them useful and practical for oneself and for one’s patients. She is always researching and developing better strategies to help people change faster and on more levels.

Melissa understands more about how the current research in neuroscience truly works than anyone I have ever studied with at ANY institution. She has an open and curious mind and she knows and connects information in ways that only super computers or incredibly gifted people are able to do.

The ultimate and true understanding of a subject is when one has the ability to explain it clearly and simply. Melissa does this with excitement, humor and clarity that is truly remarkable. Her books are great resources but her workshops are amazing. This was truly a mind expanding experience. Trance-formative as some say.

I have had many training experiences and workshops over the years to develop my craft. This was the best investment of time and money I have ever made for both my personal growth and professional development.

She is the best.

Larry Drell, M.D.
Medical Director, Anxiety and Depression Therapy Center
Washington, DC 20008

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