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Integrative Hypnosis Intensive

Hey Everyone! I have another Integrative Hypnosis Intensive coming up April 22-29th at the center (1:00-7:00) and instead of telling you how awesome it is, I'm copying and pasting some of the feedback comments from a FaceBook post about my class.  It's a page right out of my "Lazy Gal's Guide to Marketing" that I'm currently not writing.....

I also have another Coaching the Unconscious Mind course in May, James Tripp at the center June 3/4 as well as pre and post conferences for both NGH and Hypnothoughts Live in August.

Check out the site for details and email me if you're interested. 

Shelley Whisler -Attended your 2 day training at Hypno Thoughts Live in 2015 and it was an awesome learning experience. Learned so much and loved every minute. I also have the Integrative Hypnosis Intensive 8 day recording and have watched it numerous times. Brilliant and concise and a fun way to learn and get your confidence on. Would love to come to NY and practice with you and a group. For anyone considering attending this intensive in April go for it! And hey it's New York! Double wow!

Erika Flint -I love all your work - books, recordings, live trainings, but I guess the best thing I can say is that I still use what I learned from you from the first training 3 years ago at NGH nearly every single day with clients.

Blaine Pratt -I have had the privilege of attending several trainings with Melissa there in her offices. I inevitably came away better equipped, more knowledgeable and challenged to put into practice the fun and fantastic learnings from those days.
If you have a chance to train with Melissa you should not miss the chance. I, myself, have already paid to train again with her later in the year. I make it a point to train with her often... you should too...

Don Krueger -Melissa is a master teacher.I acquired more wisdom, insight, and tools from this course than I could have with years of training from others "masters". She also offers free practice sessions for her former students every other week- a benefit for us and very uneconomical for her.This is just one example of her continuing commitment to her community of her students .

Melissa's course is unique. Her commitment is deep. You want to study hypnosis with the best-in-class teacher? Study with Melissa

Bara Sapir -nobody does it better. she is the best, hands down.

Karen Hand-Harper -Addictions protocol at HTLive last year rocked!!! I learned my favorite technique in that 2-day training.....and I learned so much more! You're great on the credit card drive, you're great on YouTube....and your live trainings are fun and invaluable!'

Barbara Scholl -Melissa is THE BEST! Your presentations at the Hypnosis congresses in Zürich, Berlin and London simply rock. Period. ?????

Kim Koskinen- Listening and seeing Melissa speak makes your brain/mind tickle and your curiosity wakes up... You have the opportunity (to train with her), grab it with two hands!


Buddy Pierce -Melissa can change your life. She has mine. She is an encouraging and gifted teacher. Do you want to help others and at the same time live the life you have always dreamed of? If the answer is YES, you need to register for her class before it is filled up. I count Melissa as one of my blessings.

Anthony Tranguch -Melissa Tiers YUGELY kicked open the doors to alternative techniques for me and has forever changed the way that I approach psychiatry. I and hundreds of my patients are eternally grateful! She will tirelessly challenge your beliefs in playful and effective ways that will go far beyond conventional strategies. She is sharp, nimble, and an unrelenting agent of change.

Francis Runzel -Melissa lives what she preaches, what I thought was a rarity based on previous trainings I have had. The approach makes it very natural to spontaneously use any techniques you will learn in the intensive.

Toni Macri-Reiner -Just take the class!!!  You'll be so glad you did. Besides who know how YOU'LL CHANGE. During one of our break out practice sessions I had a huge shift occur. An issue I'd had my whole life shifted! So yes, the class really is a life changer in so many ways!

Susan Fox -Melissa likes to do things so you can show off the power of your mind to yourself. Honestly, this gal is a brainiac when it comes to using the mind and brain. Do you want to be your authentic self and tap into invisible power? Melissa can show you how to do it. I personally know Melissa. I've presented at the NGH convention during times she was presenting. When possible, I would attend her seminars ONLY because she gives you the meat in personal development techniques. You can't go wrong learning from Melissa!

 Grace Simone- I love Melissa because, on top of being the best hypnosis teacher on earth who changed my life on day 1, she is always learning, always curious, always open to being wrong, always ready to call out bullshit. Wait, maybe that's WHY she's the best hypnosis teacher on earth!

Margo Danielle Drucker CHt -I'll try to keep this brief (ish)...
I found Melissa through one of my closest friends (currently finishing up her doctoral thesis at UCLA). She called me one day after having been to Melissa's training and said..."Ummm listen, I can't stay on the phone but you need to train with this woman she's AMAZING, I'm sending you her her...BYE". There's plenty more story to tell, but I'll cut to the chase...

Melissa is one of the most generous and intelligent people I know and I am grateful to have found her.

Like a freight train, Melissa moves you through mountains of material/gold in a way that ensures you're never feeling like you can't handle the pace. This roll your sleeves up, hands on, 8-day Intensive covers enough material to easily be broken down into 3 or 4 separate trainings and yet she's generous enough not to break it apart and take the boat loads of $$$ doing so would easily bring in. The class is super fun and challenging in a way that leaves you feeling triumphant and gleefully exhausted at the end of each day.

But there's more.....
Once training is complete you are given access to resources and information via Melissa's bi-monthly practice nights (via skype or at the center). The learning doesn't stop when the training's over, it's an on-going service that she so generously provides. I could go on and on...
Thank you Melissa.

Preeti Singh -Words cannot describe all that you will get at this training...get ready to be trance-formed. Thank you Melissa ????

Gianluca De Gennaro -Fantastic is just one of the many words you will use when telling others how you felt by taking Melissa's training. She is simply phenomenal, she will give you so much of her knowledge, experience, practice... years of testing everything out herself, making sure you don't have to! Incredibly resourceful and available to help you continue in your professional growth and development with her bimonthly practice nights. And all of that while laughing and having so much fun ... what else is there, but sign up and share ??

Jerry Anathan -This training rocked my world and gave my coaching practice a notch up--I've used these techniques dozens of times. If you've taken Melissa Tiers course before, a refresher is ALWAYS helpful. The more you practice and immerse yourself then more you'll be an excellent guide for others.

 David Ruby- I found training with you, Melissa, to be a very transformative training. Without hyping it up, it provided me with a solid foundation. I also realized the "integrative" aspect was not just a gimmick. Your approach truly integrates (and I would argue invites your students to integrate) things from a wide range of fields. I feel empowered to incorporate whatever works, and keep learning from whatever else is out there. This has kept me from being stale, and allows me to really keep growing.

In the off-chance anybody is reading this and on the fence, I find your teaching style and materials to be very valuable and have referenced what I have learned from you (and from your books and online materials) numerous times. I also find your style a lot of fun. Had I not had some personal and financial stuff pop up, I would have been there for your February class (hopefully next year). Your trainings come with my highest recommendation.

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