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Four Daze of Overdurf! March 3-6

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!! I'm wishing you all an exciting 2016! I'm helping with that by bringing my friend and favorite teacher, John Overdurf to the Center again. It's gonna be a blast! Here's how John describes what he'll be bringing us....

Introduction to

ALL But a Part of the Whole:

Transcending Dualities Beyond Words

This is a four day workshop is John’s best rendition for how can you transcend the inherent changing dualities and contractions in life to increase your choice and well-being. It answers the question: How can you use language to transcend itself?

Would you be interested in how you can liberate yourself from limiting identifications, beliefs and reactions? If so, this workshop is for you!

The other major part of this training is how can you transform limiting habits of attention, which if you think about it, are the basis of pretty much every issue we face in everyday life or in a coaching/therapy setting.

What you’ll be learning are insights and processes which are not just the basis of a very effective coaching/therapy model, but also help you experience Life in a more expansive, yet grounded and practical way.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Reality construction and de-construction in Life and Coaching

How can you work below the level of language to take people beyond language and it’s limitations?

Precise therapeutic use of expanded awareness and perception for common fight and flight reactions

How to lay new tracks from neurological dead ends to infinite possibilities.

What are differences in Aristotelian and Non-Aristotelian thinking and how can you use them both, and it what situations?

Harnessing the mysterious power of “not”

How to easily construct inductive and/or non-linear language patterns.

Beyond Words 2.0: a practical template for conversational change

Unique double induction processes to blow-out limitations as well as help you polish your hypnotic delivery
Quantum Coherence Training - a profound way to exercise the “no self” circuitry in your brain to be able to de-identify with limiting beliefs, states and other nominalizations.

NLP Practitioner, Coaching the Unconscious Mind or similar training experience.
An open mind.

The class runs from 1:00-7:00 and the fee is $875. if paid by Feb.10th and $925. after that.

The DoubleTree Hilton (Chelsea) across the street has rooms for $159. a night but that could change so book now if you're planning on coming. 

So...who's in? Email me if you're coming to play.

take air,


(practice/supervision tomorrow night at 6:00)


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