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Happy New Year from the Center for Integrative Hypnosis!



Happy New Year! May this year be better than the last and not as great as the next!

I will be in Mexico for January and February so will be doing student practice/supervision virtually while Dan Ryan hosts the physical practice at the center. (With me beamed in for the first hour for q and a) So if it's been a while and you want to jump back in, come and play!

Practice/supervision nights for students dates- January 9,23, Feb.6,20 March 6,20, April 3,17, May 1,15,29, June 5,19  6:00-8:00 NYC time. You can join virtually  from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


I've decided to teach an advanced super vision class in Cancun, Mexico, Feb 22/23. It will be a small group (6 to 8 max) so we can really focus in and tweak the subtleties of multi level communication. To balance out the intensity, I plan to share some of the deep trance psychedelic processes I've been playing with. So it will be an amazing trip, overlooking the ocean....

Since it's taking your skill set to the next level, I'm only accepting students who’ve trained with me and have a good working knowledge of Integrative Hypnosis and/or Coaching The Unconscious Mind. Email me for details and an interview.


Other upcoming trainings you might be interested in…..


April 9-16- Integrative Hypnosis certification intensive in NYC

April 25-28 Integrative Hypnosis 2.0 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil

May 3-5 I’ll be the keynote speaker for Hypno-Biz New York

May 31-June 2nd Kripalu retreat on rewiring habituated patterns

June 22- NCH conference in London

June 29-30 Masterclass in Coaching the Unconscious Mind- Brussels

July 11-14 Coaching certification at the New York Open Center

August 13-15 pre conference course in Vegas for Hypnothoughts Live

August 19th post conference on The Psychobiology of chronic pain syndromes.


Yes, I do get around! 


Be well, take air, and here's hoping we run into each other one of these daze!



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