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James Tripp in NYC!!!! June 3/4

Happy April!

I'm excited to James Tripp to the center to teach his "Hypnosis Skills Boot Camp". If you've been in my classes or supervision in the past year you will have heard me talk about James' work. I think he has an amazing, ever expanding curious mind and one well worth learning from. I wanted to take this class in London but couldn't swing the dates so.....I invited him to do it here! There are still some seats left so if you are coming to play with us, register soon!

Here's a bit of a description I clipped from his site.....

"This workshop – The Hypnosis Skills Bootcamp – is, as the name suggests, going to be VERY different.

What you are getting is a full weekend of high intensity drilling and coaching. No sitting around and just listening…

…watching, learning, doing… and doing again. And again. Every repetition another layer of adjustment and refinement.

We will be covering all the primary skills you need to lead someone in an effective hypnotic process, and some! We will look at technique, touch, timing and flow. Subtleties around setting-up. Adapting to variables. Leading with verbal and non-verbal communication and more.

You will learn how to run ‘rapid induction‘ sequences and ‘waking hypnosis‘ sequences (and how the two fit together), and you will get…

…personal input throughout from me and my coaching team.

At The Hypnosis Skills Bootcamp you will be in an environment of continued functional feedback – creating the context for you to see, feel and hear every difference and every nuance.
Now, if this sounds like a lot of hard work, well, it will be – because that is where real skill comes from. But it will also be, in equal measure, a lot of fun and high quality generative play.  Which, I think, is also important to know!

Some Important Points!
As I have probably made clear, this weekend is about skills – it is NOT going to be about doing hypnosis… it is all about LEARNING hypnosis. What this means is…

…everyone has permission to be as bad as they need to be at doing so as to be as good as they need to be at learning.

What I am talking about here is a concept known to Zen Buddhists as ‘Shoshin‘. Let me quote from good old Wikipedia: “Shoshin (??) is a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning ‘beginner’s mind’. It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in that subject would. The term is especially used in the study of Zen Buddhism and Japanese martial arts.”

So what this means is there are no expectations for anyone to be anything other than a good learner – willing to be bad in order to learn to become good.

For those who may have a little more experience, be willing to be open to all feedback and suggestion without ego, regardless of who it comes from! I will be doing the same! It is also important to be aware that we will be breaking the skills down, so some of the drills may, on the surface, seem a little abstract – not quite ‘wax on wax off’ but abstract none the less (much in the same way that scales and timing practise is abstract in music, or ‘flow drills’ are abstract in certain martial arts – but both are building and drilling essential skills). We will, of course, be building them back up again into solid ‘hypnotic sequences’, which will be all the more solid for having gone through the process.

One final thing I would like to make absolutely clear is that, because this is about skills and skill-sets, this will NOT be a rigidly structured event teaching a designated set inductions and techniques. We will work hard, have fun and roll with the dynamic. This is drilling and coaching skills not teaching a curriculum!"


How cool does that sound?!

So? Who's in?




Ps. There are still a few spots open for my Integrative Hypnosis Intensive, April 22-29th





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