Posted – Mar 21 8:00am by
Happy New Year! Well, almost anyway.  I know it’s been a while since my last newsletter but hey, life’s been busy ???? If you’ve taken my certification trainings and don’t live in the city, there’s now a virtual way for you to join our supervision/practice nights by using zoom. Check the home page of my site for the link. Next one is on the 3rd at 6:00.
Posted – Dec 27 8:48am by
Hey everyone, Just a quick note to let you know there's still space available in my upcoming certification training. It's a synthesis of classical and Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and practical neuroscience in a full on immersion learning trance. If you ever wanted to jump into the mind field, this class is a blast!
Posted – Aug 15 7:10am by
Hey everyone, Just a shout out to let you know I'll be doing an all day workshop this Saturday. It's a class that's open to everyone and I've collected all my favorite techniques and self hypnotic processes and crammed them into a full day of rewiring habituated patterns. It's inexpensive, fun and air conditioned! Oy! Here's the link to register.
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  Hey everyone, just a short email to let you know I have a free teleconference tonight at 9:00 NYC time. I'm being interviewed about my upcoming pre-conference class at NGH. Phone number is 425-440-5010
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Happy summer! Hope you're well and staying cool! ????  There are still seats left in my Integrated Life Coaching certification course. This training blends conversational hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistics, embodied cognition and practical neuroscience to create a dynamic multi-level approach to change work.
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Coaching the Unconscious Mind- June 22-25th, 2017 Are you ready to jump into the coaching field? This certification course blends conversational hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistics, with processes created from the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and embodied cognition to create a dynamic multi-level approach to change work.
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Hey everyone, There are still a few seats left for James Tripp's June 3/4th Hypnosis Skills Bootcamp. If you were planning on coming, register today to score the discount and one of the few seats left. This guy's got it goin on!
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Happy April! I'm excited to James Tripp to the center to teach his "Hypnosis Skills Boot Camp". If you've been in my classes or supervision in the past year you will have heard me talk about James' work. I think he has an amazing, ever expanding curious mind and one well worth learning from. I wanted to take this class in London but couldn't swing the dates so.....I invited him to do it here! There are still some seats left so if you are coming to play with us, register soon!
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Hey Everyone! I have another Integrative Hypnosis Intensive coming up April 22-29th at the center (1:00-7:00) and instead of telling you how awesome it is, I'm copying and pasting some of the feedback comments from a FaceBook post about my class.  It's a page right out of my "Lazy Gal's Guide to Marketing" that I'm currently not writing.....
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