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A link to a free intro to Ericksonian hypnosis from Bill O'Hanlan
Hey all, I got this email today that I thought was worth sharing. Bill O'Hanlan is offering a free intro to Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Details are below....
There is still space available at my June 1st teaching demo day as well as my Integrative Hypnosis intensive June 21-28. Email me if you want to join us.
I hope to see some of you at practice tonight at 6:00.
take air,
In my last two emails to you, I told you the story of how I met Dr. Milton Erickson while I was working in an art gallery in 1973 and the amazing twist of fate that led to my interest (okay, obsession) with Dr. Erickson and his work.After reading about his unusual approach, over the next few years, while completing my undergraduate degree and starting my graduate studies, I tracked down everything Erickson had ever written and everything that I could find written about him.He lived nearby, but I was too shy and intimidated to contact him.Finally, at a workshop I attended with Bandler and Grinder, they found out I lived near Dr. Erickson and urged me to contact him.Who me?, I thought.But the seed had been planted, and I spent the next year coming up with schemes to justify my request to meet with and study with him.I finally wrote Dr. and Mrs. Erickson a letter asking if I could study with them (already a feminist in those days, I wanted to include her since she was a co-author and very much a partner in his work). Since I was a poor graduate student, I suggested several possibilities for bartering for their time:
  • I could do some gardening for them, since I had worked as a gardener in the hiatus between undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • I could write an article about Dr. Erickson's work for Psychology Today.
  • I could write a biography of Dr. Erickson; his life was fascinating, recovering from polio (twice!) and having migrated East in a covered wagon, etc.
I sent off the letter (his address was in the phone book, to my surprise) and a week or so later, when I returned from a weekend trip, my roommate told me: "The strangest guy has been calling every morning, asking for The O'Hanlon Gardening Service. He won't leave a message, but said he'd call back."Well, I suspected it was Dr. Erickson and sure enough, the next morning, my roommate answered an early morning phone call and came and got me: "It's the strange guy again."When I got on the phone, he said: "O'Hanlon Gardening Service?" (which of course did not exist).I said: "Yes, this is Bill O'Hanlon. Is this Dr. Erickson?""Yes," came his creaky reply, and thus began a beautiful and life-changing apprenticeship.He never charged me a dime for his teaching and mentoring. But if I thought the gardening was a metaphor, I had another thing coming. I worked in his garden to "pay for" his teaching.In part, to pay him back, I have made a three-part free introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis for you this week. Part three has just been released, but the whole training is coming down in a few days, so if you haven't signed up or finished the previous two parts, please act quickly so you don't miss out.I think you'll enjoy it. I'll tell you some more stories in it and it will be fun, even if you are not sure hypnosis is for you.Over 1200 people have signed up so far and we are having interesting conversations on the site. Please join us.Go here to get in on the whole thing:
BillP.S. Next time, if you haven't heard it, I'll give you a link to the story that Dr. Erickson told me that changed how I worked as a psychotherapist and created a new approach to change. Meanwhile, I hope to meet you in the introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis free training here:
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