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Deep Trance Immersion- July 23/24

Hey everyone!

I've decided to do another Deep Trance Immersion workshop July 23/24 for those of you that missed it. The last one was mind expanding but this one will be mind blowing! I have been developing different ideas to play with in much deeper states as well as bringing classic deep trance phenomenon into more conversational frames. We will explore how to create inner-ventures based on the research in Epigenetics and neurogenesis for more profound healing and different ways to take time out of the equation. This is the weekend to explore the depths and heights of altered states!

Check out this page for details and to register

You will also notice that the dates of my next Integrative Hypnosis Certification course are up (Sept.24-Oct.1) and my next Coaching the Unconscious Mind course is Sept.15-18

I'm doing a full day at the Open Center June 25th for anyone interested in personal transformation. This isn't for practitioners (although they are welcome!) it's for people who want to learn self hypnosis and all the different techniques to rewire the brain.

I'll be teaching workshops all over this year so if you can't get to NYC you can train with me in one of these places....

I'll be doing a pre-conference workshop at the NGH conference this August 10/11th. It's going to be an amazing immersion in Integrative Hypnosis and Practical Neuroscience. Click here for details

I'll be teaching a two day pre-conference workshop at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas on Rewiring Addictions (August 23/24) and a post-conference workshop with Kelley Woods on hypnosis with kids and teens. Here's a five minute animated video that might change the way you think about addiction. Check it out....

I'll be teaching a few workshops and a post-conference course in London Oct. 29-Nov.1 and Berlin the next week!

And I've agreed to teach in Dubai in March so stay tuned for details.

Be well and take air!



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