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Free teleseminar tonight! And a bunch of other stuff....

Happy spring! I mean snow day……

Since I’m taking a snow day today, I thought I would be a wee bit productive and send out a newsletter…..I know, it’s been a while…

Here’s a few things happening in the next few months (just in case I don’t send out another for a bit…

For those instant gratification people, there’s a free teleseminar tonight! We will be talking about coaching the unconscious mind….embodied cognition, priming, neuroplasticity and all the fun stuff. It’s 9:00 NYC time and here’s the link.

Call in info for teleseminar: 425-440-5010
 conference ID 191630#

I’ll be teaching “the psychobiology of chronic pain syndromes”in England in a few weeks. It will be my latest pain management solutions and lots of deep trance play. Here’s a bit more info.

I’ll be teaching my Integrative Addictions Solutions in Toronto, May 5/6, hosted by Mike Mandel

If you’re in NYC, I have two different classes at the NY Open Center coming up. I’ll be doing a Tuesday evening workshop for rewiring your own brain starting May 8th and for the first time doing my four day “coaching the unconscious mind” certification course May 31-April 3rd

Also I’ll be in Daytona Beach for the IACT/IMDHA conference where I’ll be doing a full day on practical neuroscience. How I wish I was on that balcony gawking at the water right now…..

Oh what the hell, I might as well keep going……

I’ll be doing another eight day intensive of my Integrative Hypnosis certification course June 8-16th at my Center

July will be my first time in Scotland! I’ll be doing a weekend master class in Coaching the Unconscious Mind in Edinburgh, hosted by James Tripp.

August is the NGH conference where I’ll be doing a two day pre-conference

and Hypnothoughts Live where I’ll be doing a three day post conference.

In November I will be the Keynote speaker at the UK Hypnosis conference in London. I’ll also be doing a full day post conference workshop on Integrative Addictions Solutions.

And if you are already sick of me, well, how the hell do you think I feel? I was going to do a funny hash tag with “I get around” but then found out what a hash tag actually does…..and so I skipped it. You’re welcome.

Be well and take air!

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