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Chronic pain relief available now

It's 2020! Let's hope this year gets better on every level....


I wanted to give you a heads up that my protocol for chronic pain is now available. It was from a full day workshop called "The psychobiology of chronic pain syndromes: rewiring the brain for relief" (or I think that was the name..) so if you work with clients that have pain issues you might want to check it out. I cover everything from deep trance pain management to creative ways of targeting brain regions associated with pain. Here's the link.


I have some upcoming workshops for you're interested. Here's some details...

Feb. 28th -March 1st. Join me in paradise for the first ever Hypnothoughts Platinum! Held at Paradise Point in San Diego with five of my favorite hypnosis instructors for an in depth learning experience. I can't wait! I'll be teaching a course called "The subtle art of synaptic modification: A masterclass in brain change" where I get to do a deep dive on creative forms of neuroplasticity.


I will be teaching April 25-26 in Adelaide Australia. Email me for info.


I'll be coming to DC May 15-17 to teach Integrative Hypnosis 2.0. It's an up to date course on where my work is now. Come and play! Click here for more


I'll be teaching another fun retreat at Kripalu May 31-June 2 on rapid techniques to rewire any habituated pattern. You don't have to be a practitioner for this one so if you know someone that needs a change, let them know.


My full eight day intensive on Integrative Hypnosis is actually filling up already! Secure your space for June 13-20th here at my center in NYC.


My next four day coaching certification course is through the Open Center here in NYC July 16-19


And August brings another massive gathering of hypnotists to Hypnothoughts Live. If you haven't yet checked it out, it is seriously a one of a kind experience. I'll be teaching a two day pre conference on hypno-psychedelics a deep trance dive that will bring my latest in creating extraordinary states of consciousness into your practice.


I'll also be teaching a post conference master class on coaching the unconscious mind. This is for those familiar with my work to take it to the next level in subtle non verbal communication as well as getting more artful in your practical neuroscience.


So that's more than enough of me to go around!

I'm wishing you all a kinder, gentler new year.

take air,



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